Somerville 100% Local Green

For those who wish to select the Somerville Premium 100% Local Green option, please contact the program supplier, Dynegy, directly at (866) 220-5696 Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST, or via email at Please have your Eversource account information available when contacting. You can also opt up to the Somerville 100% Premium Local Green option here.

Please note, you can change your program option at any time and remain in the program, i.e., if you initially select the Somerville Local Green option, you can change that election to the Somerville Premium 100% Local Green option or the Somerville Basic option at a later date without leaving the program or with any associated penalties or fees.

About Somerville Premium 100% Local Green
The Somerville Premium 100% Local Green option (one hundred [100%] percent local renewable energy) offers an elective one hundred (100) percent local renewable energy product. This 100% product includes renewable energy, in addition to the State Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS), originating from qualified Massachusetts Class 1 renewable energy sources. The Somerville Premium 100% Local Green offer comprises MA Class 1 Renewable Energy Certificates equal to one hundred (100) percent of a consumer’s metered consumption. Somerville CCE’s renewable energy comes from Green Energy Consumers Alliance. To learn more about Green Energy Consumers Alliance, how the energy they supply is made and where it comes from, click here. The price of this offer is $0.13198/kWh. A typical residential customer uses about 500-kilowatt hours of electricity each month. Such a customer would pay an additional $14 per month for Somerville Premium 100% Local Green. That additional amount is tax-deductible for those who itemize charitable contributions on their federal tax return.

Households that choose all renewable are helping make a significant contribution to Somerville’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, as almost one-quarter of Somerville’s greenhouse gas emissions are estimated to come from grid-supplied electricity. For example, if 500 Somerville homes signed up for Somerville 100% Local Green, that would be the equivalent of the annual generation of one 1.5-2 megawatt wind turbine.